Plugin for generating height and landscape weight maps.

Landscape Maps Generator

Demo video, working with the plugin...

Affordable Landscapes

The landscape is generated by 'LMG' and textured with material Grass Mountains of the 'Affordable Landscapes - Premium' plugin from Unreal Marketplace.

What's new in update 4.x

The 4.x update will allow you to program generation using a blueprint. Use operators to mix different types of noise.

It is possible to process masks from textures and use operators to mix noise with them.

Newly added 3D view of the landscape when generating maps. The parameters of the world are in a special object, so they can be changed without having to change the programming of the landscape generation. 

Technical data

Code Modules: LandscapeMapsGenerator
Supported development platforms: Win64
Supported build target platforms: any

Plugin description

Getting to know more about the plugin options

  • This plugin is used to generate height maps and landscape weight maps.
  • The plugin supports composite worlds.
  • The plugin exports heightmaps and saves them as a 16-bit single-channel .png.
  • The plugin exports slope and biome weight maps and saves them as 8-bit single-channel png.
  • The plugin uses fractal, classical 2D Perlin noise, and 2D cellular noise (Voronoi noise).
  • The plugin supports hydraulic erosion on the GPU and smooths the edges of heightmaps to prevent cracking for composite worlds.
  • The plugin also exports sediment maps. Good for a grass mask.
  • Hydraulic erosion uses a rainfall and temperature map to generate rain and evaporation.
  • The plugin generates mass maps that are most intense when average temperatures and precipitation match the world's temperature and precipitation maps and fade away where they are distant.
  • The plugin optimizes the weight maps so that the maximum values of the weights are preserved. This means that when some weight maps are more dominant than other weight maps, other weight maps are set to zero, at the boundaries the weight maps are smoothed for better transition optimization is required for auto materials.
  • For a biome weight map (for example, a desert) you can select slope maps (for example, the highest slope will be rock, then stones, then dry grass, and the lowest slope will be sand), if you use auto landscape materials, use the biome map.
  • Biome maps have average temperatures and average annual precipitation at a user-defined elevation.
  • Users can set min./max. Width, min./max. Meridian, min./max. The height of the terrain.
  • The plugin generates all maps in the background, so the user can work in Unreal Engine while generating the maps.

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